Where did the selfless go?

Lawrence 1 20180725_183608

Sometimes I look at people around me and how much they have changed, I look at myself and wonder if that’s what I’ve turned into. Since when did people become so selfish and heartless? Where did family first go and where did genuine love and support for each other go? I think it’s a messed up world. Everyone seems to care about their own well being. We have turned into people that would rip another human apart as long as it benefits us.

It’s sad but the glaring reality is that we no longer discuss family issues with family because it’s no longer loyal. It’s sad that trusting family and expecting them to stand up for you when you need them is no longer the case. It’s understandable when a friend stabs you at the back but it’s unbearable when family betrays. The people who you have known all your life turn into unrecognizable strangers capable of hurting is a dreadful thing.

I remember the days as a primary school kid, if someone beat you up, the elder brother or sister would stand in defense. I doubt if that would be the case today. Probably the defense would be replaced with a reprimand, something like you’re too weak to allow yourself be beaten up. It’s no longer love but scolding. When growing up I didn’t know the world would turn into this. It was my little peaceful love-filled world.

They say change is inevitable hence adapting it is unavoidable. I guess everyone is fighting their demons and battles and they forget to show even the tiniest bit of affection to a fellow human being. I keep asking myself, where did being selfless go? I hope amidst us are still this kind of people, who still care about the welfare of their fellow humans. Here is to the selfless people, may we know them, may we raise them and may we be them. I hope we can still find the Abnegation faction amongst us (from the book divergent by Veronica Roth).


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