The pain of a Kenyan university graduate

Every year, approximately 700,000 graduates in Kenya flock the job market. The employment gaps doesn't match the job seekers. For most of university graduates in Kenya, their future seems dark and unpromising. Karis, (a fictitious name) shares his pain as a graduate. "I'm among the few people who made to university from my village called … Continue reading The pain of a Kenyan university graduate


Spared rod spoiled the child

I have noticed a growing trend in children upbringing that is worrying. The strict raising though not sweet by then helped instill discipline in us. Sparing the rod has really spoiled some of our young ones who are growing up as if they have no moral foundation. You listen to how young kids speak nowadays … Continue reading Spared rod spoiled the child

Learn to communicate effectively

It's not until a friend shared with me about a witle-to-be that broke up on the eve of their wedding because of a misunderstanding that I realized how vital effective communication is. One of my favourite quotes says that between what is said and not meant and what is meant and not said, most love … Continue reading Learn to communicate effectively