Right words to convince investors about your idea



Coming up with a new invention is almost impossible. Nothing is new, but most of them are improvements of the existing innovations. Approximately 700, 000 graduates join the job market every year yet the available job opportunities keep shrinking per year with the current unemployment rate at 11.50%. Therefore, entrepreneurship is a venture that will help youths, and more so graduates earn a living. Forging an idea is not hard, but the real struggle is sourcing funds to implement it.

Though there are numerous sources of money to start investing, getting to convince an investor that the idea is good, and workable is not easy. Given the number of people looking for venture capitalists for their inventions, projects or business ideas, no one has time to listen to a youth whose proposal is not well defined. For a fresh graduate with a project, acquiring a loan can be a real hustle since there is no income. Hence, the bank might not be ready to give a loan to such a person with the fear he/she might not be able to repay it.

Seeking sponsors becomes the easier option but if these graduates are not well versed with what it takes to convince a financier to support one’s proposal, this will equally be a tough task. With the following few tips, a young inventor looking for finances might be able to get a kitty from a stakeholder, and implement the plan. An innovator must be able to answer these four questions to a guarantor without struggle.

The first question is what do you have to offer or what is the idea? Most investors don’t have a lot of time so do not give them stories. Summarize your idea and say it in one minute at most. Be clear and precise so that the sponsor will not have to ask cut you short and ask for clarifications. If it is a business proposal, name it and give a brief explanation so that in case the lender has never heard of it, at least he/she has an idea of what it is about.

The second question, who is your target market? If you have a project that needs implementation, it must have the target market or audience. As the originator of the scheme, you need to have thought this through before approaching any financier. For you to be asked this question, they want to know if your idea is necessary. Therefore, clearly identify your market so that any contributor will have confidence in putting his/her money in your project.

The third question could be, what problem are you trying to solve, or which market gap do you want to fill? Investing in a common business can be risky for a business because competition might cause a fall of the proposition. A banker will want to know the problem being solved because that means no one has done it therefore there is no stiff competition. As a young developer, brainstorming concerning the market will help you know if your invention will see light of day.

Shareholders also want to understand your objectives as the deviser. They want to know your motives and decide whether they agree with them and would like to be associated with them. The worst thing for any inventor is not comprehending the objectives. If you don’t know why you are doing something, no one will trust you with their money. Thus any innovator should have all the above information when approaching a financier since they want to see the value of their money if they sponsor the idea.

Investors don’t have time to listen to you if your house is not in order and you don’t have everything figured out. Therefore, as a creator think through your idea and have everything in check before looking for funds. You have to be the best to get anyone’s attention in this era. Ask yourself, what is the difference between your idea and others? If you can convince people why your idea is the best and unique, you can as well succeed in getting capital.




Hello good people and happy new year 2018!!! It has been long since I wrote a piece. The last time I did was in 2017. I will not let 2018 grow old without saying something about 2017. It has not been a very smooth year but I’m thankful for the hurdles I had to jump. It’s the kind of year that ends and you’re like “thank you Lord” I shed tears and at some point laughed, was sad and happy, I had ups and downs, lonely and with company. I have learnt lots of lessons both positive and negative.
First of all, I have lost people in life. Some who were close to my heart. A friend who was in my inner circle. You know the kind of friends who are at times closer than family. It was not easy neither was it sweet but at times we need to know who and when to let go. Through the experience I have learnt that it’s you and your happiness that matters. Never feel guilty of doing what is right for you because it doesn’t please someone. Don’t let anyone dictate how you live your life. If they can’t accept you the way you are and appreciate your uniqueness, let them go. Remember it’s always about you so never change because they think you should.
Two, laziness and procrastination becomes the greatest enemy to our dreams. We simply don’t want to leave our comfort zones. Success is never in our hands but in our reach. This means we have to stretch. The stretching is not always comfortable, it gets painful at times and almost unbearable but success has a cost. I have learnt not to give up when the going gets tough but rather remember why I started doing it. No one knows what tomorrow might hold so do what you can today and don’t postpone because you might lose an opportunity that you’ll never get.
Third, it’s not always that things will go the way you wanted. You will mess at times but learn to forgive and give yourself a second chance. We are humans and man is to error. We will always make mistakes but these are not stop signs but guidelines. So simply because you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Try again and again until you make it. Learn from mistakes and move on.
These are just but a few,
but I can’t fail to give thanks to God for the good health, protection, provision and so on. Here is 2018 and most of us have got resolutions and goals to be achieved in this year. When the going will get tough, remember why you started and don’t give up. What you can achieve now, go get it but don’t postpone. Always learn to do what you can. I wish all of us a happy and prosperous 2018.

Digital safety

Miriam Kariuki

You might think you know something, until you meet the real gurus and all you can afford to do is listen keenly and tap as much as you can. In this age, internet has become a necessity to many.

It is simply impossible to survive without internet. A person who is not on any social media platform is almost out of place. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on is the order of the day. We all agree that these platforms have had numerous merits to us in terms of communication.


Your security starts with you. I don’t know how many of us are concerned about their internet safety we can also call it digital safety. People are different and people have different reasons and motives on the internet.

Not everyone who uses the internet has good intentions. Some are malicious. This requires one to be careful of what you post online and who you relate with online. You just don’t accept friend requests from anyone. Check their information before you accept.

Don’t worry you’re not alone and it is never too late to change. I also realized how careless I have been on the internet yesterday at a workshop for female journalists on digital safety, at Multimedia University of Kenya courtesy of EHAHRDP. As one of the beneficiaries of the training I highly appreciate you for sponsoring the workshop.

One of the lecturers said that when you learn something about digital safety, teach someone else, that way you become an expert. Probably this is not the common content on my blog but I would like to share some tips that I learnt. They might be of help to someone who might come across this blog.

It is not advisable to use your full names online. You can use one for purposes of security. If you use your full names, somebody can easily track you down. Also don’t give out a lot of your personal information online. Like your phone number, your real date of birth, email address and so on. This exposes you to danger of people who might have bad intentions.

You have heard cases of people who became friends online, then a few months down the line one of them is murdered. Also when using internet, you can turn off your GPS. Assume you take a photo and you post it online instantly, if the GPS is on, it records the exact location and the time you took that photo. So, if someone was tracking you down, they will easily get you.

Use of passwords is very crucial on our phones and laptops. I know some of us use very simple passwords that one can think of. Probably your name, year of birth or 1234. When generating a password, use one that is complex in that no one can easily guess it. This is important because no one can guess your password and be able to hack your account.

The problem with passwords is that one tends to forget, but thanks to technology there is an application called KeePass which stores passwords. When you install it in your phone for example, you don’t have to remember your email password, copy paste your email address on it and the email opens automatically. So don’t worry that you have too many passwords and you can’t remember all of them. Another thing, change your passwords regularly. Don’t use one password for years.

In cybercafés, some computers will ask you if they should remember your password in future and probably by mistake you press okay. That means someone else can access your account. Hence, it is advised that you change your password often.

Cyber bullying has become rampant nowadays and most of the people who have been victims of this have let it slip away. Let me inform you that cyber bullying is a crime punishable by law. If you are cyber bullied, take those screen shots as the evident and sue the person who did that for defamation and you will have Ksh. 500,000.

Organizations like KCA KUJ, AMWIK, ICFJ and Article 19 can be of help in case you are a victim of cyber bullying. It is time we stopped cyber bullying by taking the necessary legal actions towards such people.

There is so much I can talk about but for now that will be all. If you learn something new, teach a friend to teach a friend. That is how we bring change to the world. Remember change starts with you and me. Be careful of your online safety as much as you are keen of your physical safety.

Looks or character

Miriam kariuki

I have heard people talk about “love at first sight” I don’t know how true and applicable this is. This is not the final say about it but my own opinion towards this statement.

You might disagree with me and it is okay because we are all different and hold different view points about life. You might agree with me fully or partially and it is okay. We should be able to accommodate each other even when we disagree. Opinions are different most of the times.


As for me, love at first sight is the biggest joke of a lifetime. A very expensive lie. I do not believe in love at first sight. If they said love at first conversation or something like that, probably I would have believed it around 20%.

For me that is not love. I consider that as lust or physical attraction towards a person. “Love at first sight” is what you see. Not what you know or have experienced. You cannot see character on someone’s face, remember faces lie. So you fall in love with what you see. Her curves, smile or his well built body and so on.

I don’t know what people fall in love with, but as for me it is character. You don’t get to know that until you spend time with that person. I don’t mean a day and you conclude you know that person. I mean quality time even months. You know, a person can pretend and hide their true character but they can’t hide forever. With time their they unleash their true traits.

It is through interaction and a lot After all communication that you get to know a person. Probably you’ll find you have a lot in common and with time you fall in love. Tell me it was love at first sight and I will encourage you to continue being in love.

When you love a person because of their character, their looks aren’t a priority. It’s like the inner beauty overflows to the outside. After all, looks never build strong and lasting relationships but character does.

You know why? He thought you are beautiful and you started dating, after a while he sees another one who is more beautiful and loves her as well “at the first sight” and you are dumped. But if the foundation was character trust me that Union will last.

No wonder relationships are breaking after few months because what you saw is totally different from the real person. She/he looked beautiful/handsome but her/his habits are so rotten and you can’t stand them. Few months down the line you are like “I never thought you were like that” well, a rotten avocado might look okay until you cut it.

Anyway that is my opinion about this topic. Love at first sight does not exist, that is mere lust. Love and lust are thousands of miles apart never confuse them because you’ll get lost in between. As for me, tell me you loved me the first time you saw me and I will chase you like a dog that has eaten eggs.(on a light note though) because love at first sight for me, is extinct.

Their story is not your story

Miriam kariuki

Sometimes the smallest step into the right direction, ends up being the biggest step in your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step. Don’t you agree this is a wise statement?


It is also said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. I know we might be taking steps towards different things. Acquiring that degree, starting up that business, receiving Jesus Christ, starting that relationship and the list is endless.

It all comes down to one thing, we are all taking steps towards success only that our targets might differ a little bit but it is still success.

The journey to success is not always a bed of roses. Actually, most of the times it is a painful journey. It takes time to achieve a goal thus it requires patience which might not be found in most of us,including me but God is helping me to be patient).

Success comes with a cost so it is expensive. For one to achieve success there are numerous hurdles to jump and challenges to overcome, it requires endurance. The voyage to success will cost you friends.

It is because some do not believe in you and some friends like sticking around when things are okay and there are no struggles, so you need God. Whenever He is out of the equation, the possibility of things going haywire is high.

Today as we focus on success, I want us to remind ourselves that their story is not your story. How they achieved their objectives does not have to be the way you will achieve yours. They took 10years, you might take more or less.

In life I have learnt that some are born into success, others fly to their success, others run to their success, some walk, others tip toe while some crawl. The benchmark is that all these people become successful but the difference is time. Some got there earlier than others.

If you want to be successful, be patient, endure even when you feel like you are done, stay focused and work hard. Remember we said that we are starting where we are, using what we have and doing what we can. There are no promises that the journey will be smooth but the pain experienced through the wayfare will be worth it.

I know sometimes it seems hopeless but before you give up, think why you started in the first place. If you are tired of starting over again, you will have to stop giving up.

Surround yourself with optimists and stay positive throughout. If he buys your dream car before you are employed, remind yourself that the difference between you and him is time.

Do not be discouraged when people around you are successful. Instead, encourage yourself that if they made it, you can also make it because their story is not your story.

Not an entertainer but a partner

Miriam kariuki

Well, I thought today we should change gears just a little bit. Probably I’m not the right person to talk about this topic, but I have something to say about it. I’m not married but I have related with people who are married (especially ladies)

pexels-photo-254069 (1)

I have heard their tails and experiences concerning marriage life. I admit I have learnt a lot and I look forward to being a good wife to my man when I cross that bridge. However, there are things I totally disagree with.

I don’t know what makes married women think they are entertainers to their husbands. Like you have to do everything their say or they want you to do regardless of your view. As if they are servants who take orders from their masters without questioning.

I’m a Christian and I read the Bible. It tells me a woman is supposed to be a companion to her husband or a partner. Some versions of the Bible say a helper. Get me well. It says a helper because the things this man was doing alone, he will have a partner to aid him. If there are decisions to be made, he doesn’t have to decide alone. He can be helped.

I simply don’t understand why some husbands see their wives as house helps. Their work is to cook, clean the house and wash clothes and the common house chores. To some their wives should take orders from them and do without asking.

Listen dear men, your wife is not your maid. She is your soulmate, your better half, she should be your best friend and a person you can confide in. I don’t understand why even after marrying, the issues concerning your own house have to be discussed with your workmates. Why then did you marry?

Ladies, you are not entertainers. Neither did he marry you to please him no. He married you to be his life partner. I know we ladies feel challenged if men do the things which are considered feminine better than us. If your man is a good cook, you might want to enrol for some cooking classes. Probably he spreads the bed better than you or he is perfect in ironing clothes yet when you iron his trousers, you add an extra line which was not initially there.

As the lady of the house you might feel less of a woman but let me remind you something, when he married you, he already knew how to do all those things. Your absence did not make him sleep hungry or wear creased shirts. So he married you because he was lonely. He wanted someone to talk to and to spend his life with.

If he does something better than you, just let him know and be ready to learn instead of killing yourself over it. No one is perfect so don’t feel bad if there is this one thing you can’t do right. Take your time and learn. Marriage is supposed to help people build each other.

In my own view, marriage is the best thing that can ever happen to a person. I must confess I can’t wait to get there but of course with the right man. “Marry someone’s soulmate and you will see trouble”. I’m surprised at how people are changing the whole issue concerning marriage as if it is this worst nightmare.

If we only remembered that we are not married to these men to entertain them but to love them and be their partners, life would be good. If our good men dropped the notion that their wives are their servants and acknowledge the fact that these are their soulmates, then life would be better. Come on guys, marriage is fun don’t make it boring.

Success lies within you

Miriam kariuki


Of late I have been thinking, why do we take too long to succeed? What is our reason of not succeeding? Could it be that we don’t have what it takes to succeed or is it impossible to succeed? If you look critically, none of the above applies. We can then say we are players of the blame game, laziness and excuses that carry no weight. In Swahili language, there is a proverb that says “mchagua jembe si mkulima”. That is, a person who chooses a fork is not a farmer.
A lazy person can’t hide it. Give him a farm to dig, he will say the fork he was using was not good. Tell him it was the best and most efficient and he will say the ground was too hard. Tell him you also dug the same land and he will say you are stronger than him or he had not eaten before coming to dig. Tell him you also had not eaten and he will say you are used to digging. Tell him it is your first time and he will say he was not feeling well. He will always have reasons for not doing something even when everyone knows he is capable.
I tend to think that we are our own enemies. Through our laziness we deny ourselves success that is in our reach. Trying to get excuses and blaming people for our lack of success is not beneficial. If all of us decided to utilize our full ability, we would be very far and the world would be a better place. Instead of blaming everything on other people, why don’t you do something that will help solve the problems being faced today.
Instead of blaming the government for lack of jobs, why not form a group of youths then apply for national youth funds and start a business which will give you a job? So instead of blaming others, let us be the ones to bring the change. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you are tired of the dirt in our country, don’t be one of those Kenyans who throw anything and everything anywhere. Also sensitize those around you not to litter. That way, you will be promoting change.